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Book the Best Hotels in Munich Before Drinking Your Way Through Oktoberfest

Dazzling Oktoberfest festival in expansive tent

Make sure you reserve a room at one of the best hotels in Munich so you can get a great night’s sleep, and hopefully skip the hangover, after a day of Oktoberfest. Running during a three-week period from the end of September to early October, the original Oktoberfest was established to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. Since then, Oktoberfests have been celebrated around the world but are still essentially German in tradition. The festival celebrates all things Germanic, but is mostly known as the world’s largest beer party.

Best Hotels in Munich

Because Munich offers great transportation options to and from Oktoberfest, location is not really a problem when selecting a place to stay during your trip. Why not feast your eyes on the amazing avant garde design of the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost? This 5-star hotel offers an indoor pool and king-sized beds in every room. The Eurostars Grand Central is just a quick walk to Munich Central Station and its soundproofed rooms guarantee a quiet night’s sleep. The Courtyard by Marriott offers the quality and security of a global brand, and a flatscreen TV in every room.

Epic Festivities

In 2010, Munich’s Oktoberfest drew in 6.4 million visitors. Over the three-week period, the festivalgoers consumed 7,100,000 liters of beer and the city and sponsors disposed of nearly 1,000 tons of trash as a result. Finding the best hotels in Munich during this time is largely unheard of. Unless you have made a reservation at least six months in advance, finding a Munich hotel will be more challenging than drinking a gallon of cold, strong Maerzenbier.

If you are lucky enough to have booked a Munich hotel for Oktoberfest, finding the festivities won’t be a problem — all you’ll have to do is look outside. Locals and non-locals alike are all walking to the same place – the central fairgrounds where the main festival is held. Street trams called “strassenbahns” can take you there, but they will already be packed with loud, drunken Europeans singing their favorite German folksongs and football chants. You won’t catch a Bavarian on the tram; they are either already at the festival or they have packed up and left their city for the three-week period.

The Historic City of Munich

History buffs can take in Munich’s rich cultural heritage via its many museums and historic sites, including the infamous Dachau Concentration Camp just outside the city, which has been preserved as a historic site and monument to its victims. Or find a quiet respite in one of the city’s many parks to enjoy an authentic German sausage, pretzel or local beer. Visitors should also take a stroll through the bustling street markets, such as Viktualienmarkt, and the many breweries – or Hofbräu — nearby.

The most popular boroughs in Munich for nightlife are centrally located and very easy to find. These squares – Maximiliansplatz, Glockenbachviertel, and Schwabing — can be found via main streets and passages in the city or via trams. You’ll find traditional German folk and polka bars alongside discos modern dance clubs. Late night snacks such as Turkish Doener Kabobs and Falafel sandwiches line the streets until early morning.

Everything is abuzz during Munich’s Oktoberfest. At about 8 Euros per liter of beer, the celebration is cost-friendly and delicious. Photo booths, circus rides, candy and snack stores fill the fairgrounds as thousands of people sing along to songs played on Bavarian accordions. Local eats are the only thing available in the fairgrounds — an array of wursts, chicken, beef, grilled fish, sauerkraut, breads, pretzels and potato dishes are the only things you can find on the menu. If you want anything else, you’ll have to venture outside the gates (if you can walk straight). Once you get a room at one of the best hotels in Munich, have fun, stay safe, und wilkommen bei Okterberfest Munich!

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